Message From the Executive Director

Alan Middleton photo

The process of change goes by many names – transformation, advancement, progress, disruption. These days, though, change itself appears to have undergone an evolution. It happens at a faster rate, involves greater unpredictability and leads to more turbulence than ever before. Today, flash points, 180-degree turns and tectonic shifts – politically, economically and socially – have become the new normal. Indeed, business leaders use the military acronym VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity) to describe the myriad of difficult situations now confronting their organizations.

Of course, we are not powerless during this era of radical change. In the worlds of business, government and not-for-profits, just as in our personal lives, we have two options when facing a massive deviation from what feels familiar: Cling to what we know and risk falling behind, or learn to adapt and find ways of moving forward. The former strategy is grounded in a fear of the unknown, while the latter is built upon a foundation of new knowledge, resilience, courage, hope and vision.

The Schulich Executive Education Centre (SEEC) helps executives and managers develop the knowledge and robust critical-thinking and leadership skills to navigate disruption. As a result, our graduates know how to identify upcoming challenges and when to make adjustments in order to weather the proverbial storms within or surrounding their organizations.

Our broad range of programs prepare participants to reach new levels of success in their careers while helping their organizations achieve increased revenue, productivity, impact and employee satisfaction. Along with expanding their knowledge and enhancing their skills in key leadership areas, program participants learn the importance of adaptability and how to manage ongoing uncertainty while remaining focused on their organization’s goals and values. Participants also explore how to encourage appropriate innovation and manage its implementation internally, and how to create strategic alliances with external partners.

SEEC provides many other benefits to organizations and professionals. For instance, our in-house design team creates customized programs for a variety of enterprises, the SEEC Global Talent Centre offers skill-advancement programs and services that develop an organization’s future leaders, and the SEEC Alumni Network enables professionals who have completed our programs to regularly meet and share best practices.

The reality is, change is constant and it can be challenging to make program corrections. At SEEC, we show our participants how to embrace and fully benefit from the positive outcomes of change and how to manage and mitigate any negative consequences. By the end of their training, our learners are dynamic, well-rounded and agile leaders who have more confidence in their ability to proactively and successfully handle change in their organizations, from a minor variance in activities to a complete overhaul of operations.

The world is changing. In 2017/2018, like every year, SEEC will help executives and managers how to respond to those changes – with clarity and certainty.

Alan C. Middleton, PhD
Executive Director
Schulich Executive Education Centre (SEEC)