Personalized Certificate Programs

You are at a stage in your business life when you recognize that you need new skills to further your career, or perform more effectively in your current role.

Common examples are:

  • You have just been promoted to a supervisor of people for the first time
  • You aspire to be, or have just moved into a Senior management or Director’s role which requires you to be more business oriented and strategic
  • You have been asked to manage an initiative that crosses functional areas and you wish to learn how to manage a project and direct people who don’t work directly for you

That’s what our Personalized Certificate Program of Excellence is all about – acquiring the skills commonly needed for some very typical role profiles such as the ones above.

Key Benefits

You would like to complete a number of skill-building programs in the precise areas that you feel you need the most help

You would like to receive a Certificate of Professional Excellence from the Schulich Executive Education Centre, an arm of the prestigious Schulich School of Business

You cannot find any individual program that covers your unique needs. We invite you to create a program for yourselves around your unique requirements.

How to earn your Personalized Certificate of Professional Excellence

  • Complete one (1) required 5-Day Foundation program and one (1) 2/3/5-day Core program. The Foundation program must be your first or second course.
  • Select two elective courses from our extensive portfolio of open-enrolment programs
  • Complete all four programs within a three-year period
  • Electives may be taken in any order (after completing a core program as your first or second choice), the last one at a 50% discount.
  • You will receive a Certificate of Program Completion for each program you attend – along with a Certificate of Professional Excellence when you complete the Learning Path.

Here’s how to get started

  • Explore the options in our pre-planned Certificates of Professional Excellence (see below) and choose the one that’s right for your needs.

If you’d like to further customize your Personalized Certificate, use the link below to contact one of our Senior Education Advisers.

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