International Solutions

As part of the Schulich School of Business, SEEC is uniquely poised to meet clients’ demands for training that reflects current market and industry drivers worldwide.

Our diverse international experience offers unparalleled expertise in delivering management training which prepares global leaders to take their organizations to the next level on the world stage. SEEC Offices and Business Partnerships outside North America:

  • China

    Our SEEC-ABMP offices in China and Toronto design programs for organizations locally in Beijing or in Toronto.

    North/South America, Europe, Asia

    SEEC has representative offices offering executive education solutions in many countries.

    • Sao Paulo, Brazil
    • Mexico City, Mexico
    • Hyderabad, India
    • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    • Moscow/St. Petersburg, Russia
    • Almaty, Kazakhstan

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    We approach International Solutions through customized training programs which speak to the particular needs of a local audience, yet examine the issues at hand through a global lens.

    • Needs Analysis
    • Experiential Cases
    • Global, Tailored Content
    • Follow-up
    • Action Leaning Projects