Certificate in Family Enterprise Continuity

  • Secure the future of your family business

  • Learn how to create asuccessful intergenerational family enterprise transition: Experience interactive learning, enjoy expert guest lecturers, meet family guest speakers, thought leaders and professional advisers. Leverage global best practices to create successful family legacies. Find your peers - join the “PNxG” (Preparing the Next Generation) community.

Top Reasons To Choose This Program

  • Enjoy and meet family guest speakers, learn from professional advisors who work with family enterprises, enjoy guest educators and thought leaders who are experts in their field

    Learn global best practices to preserve wealth, businesses and family relationships

    Understand the challenges and explore the opportunities unique to wealth and business families

    Build skills in effective communication, leadership & governance, entrepreneurship, innovation, negotiations and increase financial literacy

    Meet and work with a peer group and join the PNxG community at www.ifes.ca