Data Analytics for Mining Industry Business Case Development

  • In today’s dynamic business environment, mining leaders must quickly analyze and interpret information to make sound decisions that support strategy execution. These decisions must be supported by a strong business case and reliable data.

    Developed in collaboration with mining industry and data analytics experts as well as business academics, the program offers practical insights into the business of mining supported by current research. Participants will practise creating and supporting a business case using data analytics in order to refine the skills taught in the program and enhance their ability to make decisions upon return to the office.

    Focused on insights rather than technical know-how, this program introduces data analytics as a tool for business case development and teaches participants the tools and skills to interpret, use and communicate data. They will leave fully equipped to use analytics in their roles in the global mining industry with a view to increasing productivity and efficiency, improving safety and enhancing environmental monitoring.

    Heading to PDAC or Mines and Technology?

    This program has been scheduled to be of special interest to those attending the annual conferences held by the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) and Mines and Technology Americas. The program immediately follows these important Spring and Fall gatherings of mining industry professionals.

    Top Take-Aways

    • Comprehension of basic analytical tools and their application in the mining industry
    • Acumen required to interpret the results of data analytics to support decision making
    • Ability to communicate the results of data analytics and their meaning to others
    • A thorough understanding of the elements of a sound business case focused on business improvement
    • Experience creating a business case based on data analytics and interpretation of the results

    Who Should Attend

    Developed specifically for both mining industry executives and professionals, this program will be of interest to senior engineers, geologists, mill/mine managers and technical supervisors/superintendents as well as those in corporate roles such as human resource managers, financial managers, accountants, lawyers and sustainability professionals. Consultants and associates from EPC and EPCM firms and from non-technical consulting firms; environmental and sustainability consultants will also benefit, as will managers at non-profit organizations working with the mining sector.

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