Leading Collaboratively

  • Strengthen your leadership, negotiation and conflict management skills – the big ‘three’ areas.  

    Learn how to manage conflict to build better solutions to problems and challenges, increased motivation and a better understanding of others. Build a “together we can solve this” environment to tackle any business challenge.

    Receive the Thomas Kilman Conflict Mode Assessment to learn how you typically approach differences with others and learn strategies to get your needs met. Discover five different styles for handling conflict, and when it is appropriate to use the collaboration style. Learn how to successfully challenge viewpoints while promoting constructive discussion. Learn how to define a problem, frame the challenge and inspire people to come together to tackle it. Change the atmosphere from “you against me” to “you and me against the problem”. Identify the needs and wants of both sides and the importance of a shared purpose and how it drives collaboration. Develop ways to build collaboration in others, on teams and within and across organizations.

    Who Should Attend

    This program is designed for executives, directors, managers, team leaders, project managers and anyone interested in learning more about the value of building collaboration in the workplace.

    • “This course offers experienced leaders the opportunity to explore an enhanced method of facilitating goal achievement. The enthusiasm and knowledge of the instructor renders the subject matter both practical and exciting”

      V. ShepherdExecutive Director, AVLA
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    Michelle Chambers

    Michelle Chambers

    MED, BA (Hons.) Psychology, BBA (Hons.), CSODP, CHRL, CRDP

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