Managing Across Generations for Stronger Teams

  • Understand the symptoms of generational fatigue that are limiting the organization’s potential and why it is happening.

    This new online course will teach managers how to shift their approach for workers of each generation in order to bridge the workplace communications gap. Using nine simple leadership skills, you’ll learn techniques to break down barriers and reduce stress, leading to higher levels of productivity, engagement and project success.

    Top Take-Aways

    • Generational EQ (emotional intelligence) to hone negotiation and consensus-building skills
    • Generational IQ to create a high-performance workplace and mitigate employee churn
    • Understand the triggers and symptoms that result in communication breakdown
    • Learn the cultural roadblocks that are impacting trust and productivity
    • Leverage the concept of anchoring moments to impact the different generations
    • Use motivational triggers to increase engagement for each generation
    • Perfect your verbal and written communication skills by using generational sentence patterning

    Who Should Attend

    This program is suitable for managers and executives of all functional areas, including:

    • GenX managers dealing with managing Millennials and Baby Boomers.
    • Millennial individual contributors looking to enhance communication skills with management.
    • Team leaders and potential new leaders.

    It’s been proven that applying these 9 Skills™ will help managers:

    • Reduce stress by up to 34%
    • Increase ability to finish projects and achieve goals by 11%
    • Increase financial well-being as great communicators are 1.7 times more likely to outperform their peers financially

    Flexible Schedule to best suit your needs

    This online, self-paced learning program comprises three distinct modules, each consisting of four 10-minute lessons and four homework assignments done offline and then submitted. Participants may complete the program at their own pace but within four months from registration, or join a monthly cohort with weekly communication and feedback from advisers and coaches finishing within the same four-month time period. Once participants have registered, they will receive online access and instructions from Donohue Learning.

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