Masters Certificate in Adult Training and Development (Adv Standing with Distinction)

  • The training function in organizations across sectors has become increasingly critical for organizational agility and responsiveness to client needs. Well-educated facilitators are key to the success of these training programs.

    This program helps to develop all of the essential competencies required to function as a professional in the teaching of adult learners in the workplace. It was developed at the graduate level in response to expressed needs of Master’s Degree students, who felt that an introduction to adult learning principles needed to be complemented by hands-on experiential practice in the skills of teaching adult learners.

    The program promises to expose learners to all of the core theory and practice of the training field, in order to develop professionals who not only understand why they are teaching in certain ways, but also are able to skillfully apply this understanding to their actual behaviour on the job.

    Participants have 4 years tio complete this 7-module (Advanced Standing with Distinction) Certificate. All Certificates require completion
    of the Practicum.


    The choice of one of three rigorous Practicum options provides an opportunity to apply everything you have learned in a real-world situation of your selection. Individual coaching and mentoring by faculty provides the support needed to make the Practicum a uniquely valuable learning experience.

    For detailed information on the Practicum options, visit the Practicum web page, but note that new participants do not need to register separately. The practicum fee is included with your registration and you only need to fill in a separate online form to indicate your preferred option.

    Program Options

    The modules may be taken in the order that suits participants’ scheduling needs, however, they are encouraged to take
    the modules in order if possible.

    • View information on the “Advanced Standing” version of the program
    • View information on the “Regular” version of the program.

    For more information and guidance on choosing the right program, contact Leanna DiCecca by email or call 416-736-5079.

    Standalone Modules

    The 7 modules included in the Masters Certificate Advanced Standing versions of the program are available for individual registration (up to five participants). For registration, see “View Modules” on the details page.

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