Masters Certificate in Adult Training and Development (Advanced Standing)

  • Obtain Advanced Standing as an effective Online Adult Facilitator

  • The Masters Certificate in Adult Training and Development (Advanced Standing) is designed to provide both leading-edge research and practical experience in the education of adult learners in the workplace.

    Business leaders have long recognized that upgrading their employees’ skills – giving them the tools they need to excel – helps achieve their organization’s business goals. By cultivating capable employees, an organization helps guarantee its own success. This Advanced Standing program provides an additional two days of training in your choice of one of two extra modules: Rapid ELearning Design & Development or Learner-Centred Virtual Facilitation.

A Conversation with the Program Director

Top Reasons To Choose This Program

  • Learn how to design and develop Elearning programs or facilitate Adult Learning online

    Learner-centered approach provides an excellent balance between theory and practice

    Learn from currently practising master facilitators with experience across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors

    Collaborate with other program participants and learning professionals in a small class size

    Experience a variety of learning styles without being burdened with extra work between modules