Masters Certificate in Professional Sales

  • Does it feel like selling is harder and more complicated? There is good reason for that. It is.

    There is an undeniable transformational shift occurring in business today. The evidence is clear – since 1955, 89 per cent of the biggest and best Fortune 500 listed companies have come and gone!

    Welcome to the new sales reality. Demographic, competitive, technological and –above all – disruptive shifts are rendering everything you thought you knew about doing business obsolete. To survive and thrive, you’ll need to overhaul your sales processes and approach.

    Transformational shifts in business require a change in HOW you sell not WHAT you sell.

    In business, it’s common to focus on “how to sell our stuff” rather than “what’s happening with our clients”. But by only paying attention to deal making, you’re missing the underwater movement that could soon turn into a business-destroying tsunami.

    Just like you, your clients are scrambling to keep up with the new world of business, but they’re also more empowered than they’ve ever been before. With an abundance of online information and data at their fingertips, prospective customers don’t need you to be talking brochures or websites.

    Technology has created a more savvy, insightful and demanding buyer, increasing the demands on suppliers – particularly the salespeople with whom they interact. In-person relationships are more, rather than less, important in this environment.

    It’s no longer “business as usual” relying on traditional sources of competitive advantage. Sales organizations that recognize the need to do “business unusual” are successfully driving greater results for their clients by having meaningful conversations and connecting in more powerful ways. As a result of this focus, ultimately they win net new, profitable business and forge lasting, trusted adviser relationships with clients.

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