Masters Certificate in Public Sector Leadership

  • Achieve more in public service

  • The ways in which public sector executives prepare to lead change today dictates the effectiveness of governance frameworks in the future. The Masters Certificate in Public Sector Leadership is designed to equip today’s public-sector leaders with the skills and competencies critical to establishing frameworks of governance that will encourage innovation and ensure best practices throughout their organizations.

What Participants are Saying...

Participants in the Masters Certificate in Public Management describe their experience of the program

Top Reasons To Choose This Program

  • World-class instruction from accomplished faculty drawn from government and the public sector

    Opportunity for extensive sharing of ideas and experiences by participants deepens and extends learning

    Course material is constantly refreshed with new public management trends, topics and cutting-edge best practices

    Upgrades both functional ‘hard’ skills and ‘softer’ leadership skills in order to develop well-rounded executives

    Provides practical theory and research based tools, techniques and processes that you can implement as soon as you get back to the workplace

    Includes post-program follow-up for up to six months