Retail Marketing Fundamentals: Strategies for Winning in an Omnichannel World

  • The path to retail success can feel like the shifting sands.

    That’s because retail landscape continues to evolve, and so do consumer expectations of how they should be able to buy and what a retailer needs to do to earn their business. This course will help participants to understand the key areas for retail success and discover how some of the world’s greatest retailers leverage these areas to win. You will learn about “The Experience Economy” and how to uncover and address gaps between service expectations and delivery. You will also learn how employees can build (or destroy) a retail brand, and how to hire to organizational values and culture, how atmospherics can drive in-store sales and when to be consistently on-brand versus when to be effectively local.

    Participants will learn

    • The different types of retail structures and strategies that exist
    • How to identify and understand your retail consumer
    • The essential elements of a retail brand
    • How effective product selection can optimize your ROI
    • How pricing and promotion can be used effectively
    • How your retail employees can be your competitive advantage
    • How to win on customer experience
    • How to use a convenience strategy effectively
    • How to optimize store/site layout and design
    • How to foster customer loyalty and retention
    • “The course is well structured with enough material to provide in depth knowledge as well as methods to apply the material taught.”

      Sharma MunishProcess Improvement Manager, Loblaws Companies Ltd.
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    • March 26, 2018 - March 28, 2018
      Miles S. Nadal Management Centre