Strategic Leadership: Understand and Respond Effectively to the Broader Context of Public Management

  • Module 1 Standalone Option

  • This standalone program is Module 1 of the Masters Certificate in Public Management. It introduces participants to global trends in public-sector management and teaches how to develop a strategic mindset and critical thinking and problem-solving to manage them. One of the crucial issues in today’s public sector is dealing with stakeholders. This program draws upon the most up-to-date research and practice to help you identify, engage and communicate with them.

Top Reasons To Choose This Program

  • Obtain an overview and understanding of the global drivers and trends that propel changes in the public sector

    Challenge yourself to step outside of your current mindset and identify personal development goals to create new skills and habits

    Learn the 6 skills of being an adaptive strategic leader

    Develop different approaches to making decisions, solving problems and managing public policy dilemmas

    Learn a structured method for systematically identifying and analyzing stakeholders

    Develop strategies and techniques for raising political acuity, speaking truth to power and dealing with optics