Taming Disruptive Digital Transformation: What Every Manager Needs to Know about IT

  • Learn how digital technology is changing your business and what to do about it

  • Keeping pace with rapidly changing information technology – social media, mobile, analytics, and the cloud (SMAC) – and realizing the strategic value they provide poses a challenge for any manager looking to prevail over the competition. Specialists can develop the infrastructure, but real effectiveness depends on managers with big-picture insights who can lead a successful implementation. This program will examine trends and help you develop strategies to prepare your organization for a digital transformation.

Top Reasons To Choose This Program

  • Turn transformative digital technology to your strategic business advantage with insights from an expert instructor

    Understand how digital technologies are changing industries and learn about the skills needed to keep pace

    Learn project methods, models and techniques and how to successfully lead a digital transformation

    Acquire new information about technology trends and forecasting

    Discover how to manage legacy systems while embracing new technologies