Understanding the Modern Shopper: Consumer Insights for Omnichannel Retailing

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  • Digital native shoppers have a new consideration journey, changing expectations and novel technology-based behaviors. Learn about the new scientific insights that inform this behavior in an “always-on” omnichannel retail environment. This program looks at new brain science data that deals with processes of the subconscious brain before they are altered by external social factors. The program provides tangible, practical ways to reconsider retailing practices, whether in physical, digital, or virtual media.

  • “The course is well structured with enough material to provide in depth knowledge as well as methods to apply the material taught.”

    Jacqueline McAskillProduct Manager, LCBO

Top Reasons To Choose This Program

  • Gain insights into the modern shopper and a comprehensive profile of behaviour

    Learn about technology shifts in retail and their implications for your business

    Discover the challenges and opportunities of retailing in an omnichannel context

    Understand flaws in historical consumer research and traditional approaches to disregard

    Look into the future of shoppers, shopping and insight science