Understanding the Modern Shopper: Consumer Insights for Omnichannel Retailing

  • The most active shoppers are now the technologically savvy ‘Digital Natives’.

    They’re advising every generation, including Boomers, on what to buy, and they expect the convenience associated with a converged retail experience beyond bricks and mortar. To fully understand what motivates them in the new retail reality of mobile, social, digital, and omnichannel requires more than outdated approaches and methodologies like surveys and focus groups. It requires insights from the perception-based brain science of shopping and consumption across physical, virtual, and mobile environments.

    With content derived from course instructor and Schulich School of Business faculty member Brynn Winegard’s knowledge and research at the intersection of retail, marketing, business, neuroscience and psychology, this program will give participants fresh, new actionable insights that will help them survive and thrive in today’s retail environment by understanding their consumers more comprehensively than ever before.

    Top Take-Aways

    • Insights into the modern shopper: a comprehensive profile
    • Technology shifts in retail and their implications for your business
    • Retailing in an omnichannel modern context: challenges and opportunities
    • How to navigate the shifting sands of changing shopper expectations
    • Flaws in historical consumer research and traditional approaches to disregard
    • How to understand and fully leverage all aspects of the new science of shopper insights
    • The future of shoppers, shopping, and insight science: preparing the organization for what’s ahead

    Who Should Attend

    This program will be invaluable to sales, business and marketing managers from the retail and manufacturing sectors responsible for increasing topline sales, including those from:

    • Major corporate chain retailers
    • Small, medium and independently owned retailers
    • Major manufacturers of consumer packaged goods and fast moving consumer goods
    • Manufacturers, distributors or any business selling directly into retailers

    Personnel from advertising agencies, market research firms, and retail environment suppliers will also gain valuable new insights which they will be able to translate into added value for their retail-based clients.

    • “This course will truly help improve the way I manage my team in the future.”

      Karen LeungOperations Manager, Shoppers Drug Mart
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