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Achieving Open Government Through Accountability, Transparency and Open Data (2 days) Adult Training and Development – High Impact Presentations (3 days) Adult Training and Development – Instructional Design (3 days) Adult Training and Development – Learner-Centred Facilitation (3 days) Adult Training and Development – Learner-Centred Virtual Facilitation (3 days) Adult Training and Development – Needs Assessment & Evaluation (3 days) Adult Training and Development – Understanding the Adult Learner (2 days) Adult Training and Development – Rapid Elearning Design and Development (3 days) Advanced Account Management in a Competitive Environment (2 days) Advanced Leadership in the Healthcare Sector (2 days) Analytics and Leadership (5 days)


Broadening Opportunity Through Leadership Diversity (B.O.L.D.) (9 days) Business Acumen for Organization Development Professionals (4 days) Business Analyst’s Course, The (3 days) Business Process Improvement, Modelling and Management (3 days) Business-Driven Strategic Technology Planning (3 days)


Certificate in Business Skills for Managers (5 days) Certificate in Business-to-Consumer Sales (5 days) Certificate in Business-to-Consumer Sales Excellence (7 days) Certificate in Coaching Skills for Managers and Directors (5 days) Certificate in Critical Communication Skills (5 days) Certificate in Essentials of Modelling and Problem Solving (5 days) Certificate in Management Skills for Supervisors (5 days) Certificate in Marketing Analytics (5 days) Certificate in Requirements Management (5 days) Certificate in Strategic Agility (5 days) Certificate in Strategic Enterprise Solutions (5 days) Certificate in Strategic Leadership and Innovation (5 days) Collaboration and Lean Process Design in Healthcare (2 days) Communication and Problem Solving (2 days) Create, Lead and Sustain a Culture of Innovation (3 days) Critical Thinking and Project Management in Healthcare (2 days) Critical Thinking and Strategic Problem Solving Skills for Leaders (2 days)


Developing a Strategic Mindset (3 days) Developing and Implementing Strategic Marketing and Sales Plans (3 days) Developing and Presenting a Successful Business Case (2 days) Distribution Centre Planning and Transportation Management (2 days)


E-Marketing: Strategies for Success (3 Days) Effective Leadership in Your Supply Chain (2 days) Effective Planning Implementation Using The Balanced Scorecard (2 days) Eliciting User Requirements (3 days) Employee Engagement and Strategic Leadership: The Manager’s Course (2 days) Executive Leadership: Transform Your Organization for Sustained Success as Your Leadership Legacy (5 days) Executive Program in Leading Sustainable Strategic Change (5 days) Executive Program in Municipal Leadership (9 Days) Executive Program in Sales Management (5 Days) Extraordinary Administrative Support (2 days)


Facilitative Leadership (2 days) Finance, Strategy and Courageous Leadership (2 days) Financial and Managerial Accounting for Non-Financial Managers: Beyond the Basics (3 days)


High Impact Business Writing: Reports, Proposals, Emails and Writing for the Web (3 days)


Improving Organizational Performance (2 days) Improving Presentation Effectiveness (2 days) Increasing Profits Through Operational Excellence (2 days) Information Technology and Appreciative Leadership (2 days) Interpersonal Skills for Healthy Work Relationships (3 days) Inventory Management and Sourcing to Maximize Operating Profits (2 days)


Key Account Management and Client Development (3 Days)


Leadership Competencies: What Senior Managers Need to Know (5 days) Leadership Skills For Supervisors and Front-Line Managers (3 days) Leadership Through Teambuilding (3 days) Leading Change and Innovation in Healthcare (2 days) Leading Change Effectively in Government (3 days) Leading Collaboratively (2 days) Leading With Emotional Intelligence (EQ) (3 days) Leading with Impact: Leveraging Your Leadership (2 Days) Lean Operational Excellence for Service Organizations (3 days) Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt (4 days) Lean Supply Chain Management (3 days)


Management 1: The New Managers Course (5 days) Management 2: The Advanced Managers Course (5 days) Managing Across Generations for Stronger Teams (Online) Managing Change, Conflict and Communications: A Manager’s Tool Kit (3 days) Managing in a Unionized Work Environment (2 days) Masters Certificate in Adult Training and Development (14 days) Masters Certificate in Adult Training and Development – Practicum (6 days) Masters Certificate in Adult Training and Development (Adv Standing with Distinction) (20 days) Masters Certificate in Adult Training and Development (Advanced Standing) (17 days) Masters Certificate in Analytics for Leaders (15 days) Masters Certificate in Healthcare Management (14 Days) Masters Certificate in Lean Six Sigma – Black Belt (20 days) Masters Certificate in Marketing Communications Leadership (11 days) Masters Certificate in Municipal Leadership (15 days) Masters Certificate in Organization Development and Change (17 days) Masters Certificate in Professional Sales (12 days) Masters Certificate in Project Management (18 days) Masters Certificate in Public Management (15 days) Masters Certificate in Risk Management and Business Performance (13 Days) Masters Certificate in Sales Leadership (13 days) Masters Certificate in Security, Resilience and Intelligence (14 days) Masters Certificate in Supply Chain and Logistics Management (13 days) Mindful Management: The Neuroscience of Leadership (2 days) Modelling the Business Problem and Solution (3 days) More Effective Project Leadership and Portfolio Management (3 days) Municipal Leadership 1: Essential Skills for Municipal Managers (5 days) Municipal Leadership 2: Achieving Operational Excellence (5 days) Municipal Leadership 3: Public Sector Advancements (5 days)


Organization Development and Change Essentials (2 days) Organization Development and Change Intensive (5 days)


Performance Measurement in Government: Managing Results in Modern Public Service (3 days) Pharmaceutical Supply Chain: A Comprehensive Approach (3 days) Planning, Validating and Managing User Requirements (2 days) PMP Exam Preparation Course: Project Management Professional, The (5 days) Practical Strategies for Successful Women Leaders (3 days) Practicum in Organization Development and Change (6 days) Predictive Analytics and Big Data (5 days) Project Management Course – Using Microsoft Project Workshop (2 days) Project Management Course + Using Microsoft Project Workshop, The (5 days) Project Management Course for Healthcare and Social Services, The (3 days) Project Management Course, The (3 days)


Results Leadership: Deploy Cutting Edge Methods to Achieve Extraordinary Outcomes (5 days) Retail Marketing Fundamentals: Strategies for Winning in an Omnichannel World (3 days) Risk Management 1: Foundations Certificate (5 days) Risk Management 2: Risk Implementation Certificate (4 days) Risk Management 3: Advanced Risk Practices (4 days)


Sales Leadership 1: Strategy Certificate (4 days) Sales Leadership 2 : People Certificate (4 days) Sales Leadership 3: Process Certificate (5 days) Sales Strategy for Non-Sales Managers (3 days) Schulich Mini-MBA: Essentials of Management (9 days) Service Quality, Project Management and Change Leadership in Your Supply Chain (2 days) Six Sigma Green Belt for Service Organizations (5 days) Strategic Branding in the Digital Age: Building, Communicating, and Revitalizing Your Brand (3 days) Strategic Leadership: Understand and Respond Effectively to the Broader Context of Public Management (5 days) Strategic Management (3 days) Strategic Marketing Management (5 days) Strategic Planning Through Your Supply Chain (2 days) Strategic Public Manager, The (5 Days) Successful Business Negotiating Strategies for Managers (3 days) Successfully Coaching and Mentoring Individuals and Teams (2 days) Successfully Managing People (3 days) Supply Chain Integration (2 days)


Team Leadership Skills for Project Managers (3 days)


Understanding the Modern Shopper: Consumer Insights for Omnichannel Retailing (3 days)


What The Non-Financial Manager Needs To Know About Financial and Managerial Accounting (3 days)


York Entrepreneurship Development Institute – Incubator Program (16 weeks)