Centre of Excellence in Applied Innovation Leadership

  • As business challenges become more complex and finding the right solutions becomes more difficult, the ability to think differently, think better, deliver differently and deliver better will be critical.

    Innovation is the #1 strategic driver of growth in business and as a result senior leaders are now required to play a key role in the innovation process.

    If you are being asked to deliver ‘innovation’, ask yourself the following questions:

      • Could our current business model be more effective?
      • Are our innovation strategies in need of a re-haul?
      • Could our systems and structures be better aligned to new and changing strategies?
      • Is the climate within our organization ripe for change?

    If you answered YES to any of the above, the leading edge insight, information and methodologies offered in this Centre of Excellence will enable you to effectively meet the increasingly challenging demands facing your business.

    The Centre for Excellence in Applied Innovation Management is ideal for vice presidents and managers tasked with finding new ways to create value for their customers and their organizations.

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