SEEC-Asian Business and Management Program (SEEC-ABMP)

  • The Asian Business and Management Program (SEEC-ABMP) is a Centre of Excellence at the Schulich Executive Education Centre, Schulich School of Business, York University.

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    SEEC-ABMP was one of the first institutions in Canada to provide professional development and management training to senior executives in the public and private sectors from Asian countries. Since 2000, we have successfully delivered more than 250 short- and long-term training programs to over 5,000 officials at the national and provincial levels, and to many educators and executives in the private sectors, in Canada and China.

    SEEC-ABMP’s customized training programs are designed in close collaboration with our clients to meet the participants’ needs. The academic curriculum is supplemented by visits to governmental organizations, educational institutions and private-sector corporations, and is intended to give trainees first-hand experiences with practitioners.

    Each year hundreds of individuals from across Asia share the latest in government expertise and gain valuable insights and increased capacity to bring their organizations to new levels of efficiency and effectiveness. As a leader among global education programs and trends, SEEC-ABMP provides the most authentic cross-cultural experiences for our participants. Study-abroad experiences can positively contribute to language and interpersonal skills development, global competence and competitiveness as well as self-confidence.

Director’s Message

bernie frolicRecently we began our 18th year training Chinese officials, executives and educators, and we have more than 5000 graduates living and working in 15 provinces of China. SEEC-ABMP is licensed by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs to train Chinese leaders abroad. We are the largest Canadian, university-based provider of customized, short-term, non-degree training programs. We welcome an average of 30 groups a year, comprising 600-700 individuals, both in Canada and in China.

It has been an exciting journey and I am grateful to have been present at the creation of our program and to have participated in its extraordinary development. Over the years, we provided training on dozens of topics, from finance, law, economics, science and technology, and management, to transportation, big data, mining, vocational education and even blueberry farming. What began as a basic introduction to public management now encompasses a sophisticated set of programs enabling our trainees to cope with the complex tasks of management and production in today’s China. Our lectures, site visits and meetings with senior government officials are carefully constructed to provide the best short-term learning situation.

We have learned a great deal from each other. It took time to break down cultural and language barriers. Both sides had to adapt to new methods of teaching and learning. Our faculty had to communicate the Canadian experience while placing it in a Chinese context. The Chinese side had to adapt to new methods of learning that called for greater interaction between teachers and students. As the program evolved, the feedback was encouraging: trainees provided high evaluations of their experience in Canada and also reported that they were applying what they had learned to their work back home. Our faculty, similarly, have commented that this experience has broadened their teaching methodology and understanding of cross-cultural communication – many of them look forward to future opportunities to participate in our  program, in Canada and in China.

Our training of China’s officials, executives and educators has helped with its rapid modernization and the reduction of cultural barriers between our two countries. In the coming months and years ABMP and the Schulich Executive Education Centre at York University look forward to continuing and expanding this cooperation. We welcome your participation and invite your suggestions for how we can continue to develop our training programs.

Bernard M. Frolic, PhD
Executive Director


SEEC-ABMP Toronto Team