Centre of Excellence in Financial Leadership

  • Our expertise in the Financial Services sector has been developed in partnership with a number of prominent organizations in Canada and around the world.

    We have developed highly customized programs in Leadership, Product Management, Business Skills and Talent Management Services, all tailored to the unique needs of the organization and the sector. These organizations include CIBC, TD Bank, American Express, Citi Bank and EXIM Bank (China).

    The Financial Services industry continues to evolve with the emergence of Fintech and industry disruptors. The disruptors come from companies such as Apple, PayPal and Square, as well as challenges from the telecom providers.

    The Financial sector needs leadership that is able to gain a deeper understanding of the consumer market, and how their organizations can adapt and change to the forces around them.

    Schulich ExecEd works with financial organizations to develop the external orientation needed to recognize what is happening around them, and develop the leaders capable of leading the changes needed to adapt and thrive.

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