Centre of Excellence in Governance, Risk Management and Control

  • For organizations to succeed, they must strike a balance between risk and reward to create and protect enterprise value.

    Effective risk management is an essential competency to support business performance in a changing environment. It can and does make a difference over the long term, yet few business leaders have benefited from training in this area.

    The Centre of Excellence in Governance, Risk Management and Control has been formed to provide a range of training to develop competencies in governance, risk management and control in a changing environment. The goal of this program is to help Canadian businesses and government excel in the global market, and better manage the risks that you will face along the way.

    Managing ‘Risk’ is essential for organizations today.

    Working with leaders from all sectors, we offer a 3-module certificate which can be taken together as a Masters Certificate or as individual programs.  Additionally, we are working with a number of companies to develop business and leadership programs that are tailored to the challenges of this sector.

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