Centre of Excellence in Sales Leadership

  • Sales is the part of your organization where success and failure are most evident. The lifeblood of your company depends on the revenue your team generates.

    The ultimate vision of the Centre of Excellence in Sales Leadership is to:

    • Inform – provide educational sales training programs designed to expand the boundaries of what is possible in today’s environment;
    • Enrich – support a community of Sales Leaders for best practice sharing and dialogue;
    • Enlighten – promote Sales as a profession through research, certification and education.
    The Sales Leadership Centre of Excellence is designed to provide courses and networks for three levels of sales:
    • Winning Sales Strategies: This is dedicated to those who wish to enhance their direct selling skills
    • Strategic Account Management and Client Development: This is for those wishing to be more strategic with their new or existing book of business
    • Certificate in Sales Management:  This is designed for those who want to effectively lead a sophisticated sales force in a complex purchasing environment, learning new tools of the trade


    Program Director

    Sanjay DhebarSanjay Dhebar is a highly rated faculty member with the Schulich ExecEd. He is also an adjunct member of faculty at the Schulich School of Business and the University of Salzburg Business School in Austria. Sanjay’s teaching focus includes sales, marketing and strategy. He coaches and develops senior leaders in organizations including Four Seasons Hotel, Siemens, Hoffman La Roche, TD Bank, NN Group, Mercedes Benz, Samsung, Teva, and Sick Kids Hospital. For more information, visit his profile page.

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