Centre of Excellence in Supply Chain & Logistics Management

  • Supply Chain and Logistics Management is the key to success for your company.

    Supply chain and logistics management means managing materials and goods to achieve full customer satisfaction and profit. It means efficient coordination with all your trading partners and effective use of your company’s cash.

    Being a leader in Supply Chain Management requires you to learn new skills, keep your existing skills up to date and make sure your co-workers are properly trained.

    This centre helps you on several fronts, including customized supply chain management certification training for your company; open enrolment logistics courses several times a year on our campuses, conferences and workshops, and applied research.

    Learn best practices and performance metric/measurement tools to identify and achieve a new standard of supply chain management excellence.

    We bring world class experts to the Centre to share their insights in customer service, strategic sourcing, global sourcing, leadership, inventory management, warehousing and transportation and other important fields.

    The diversity of our faculty allows us to customize programs directly and respond to your needs.

    Custom Design Options

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