Schulich ExecEd Digital Credentials

As competition in the job market grows, so does the need to show you have the skills for positions with increasingly specific requirements. If you want your resume and online profile to stand out, it’s important to upgrade your skills and gain credentials that draw attention to your achievement. 

With digital credentials from the Schulich ExecEd, you can differentiate yourself from other candidates by providing secure, verifiable digital information about qualifications that increase your marketability within an organization and among clients and employers. 

What is a digital credential? 

A digital credential is an encrypted symbol acknowledging that the person displaying it has successfully completed a course and acquired a new skill that directly relates to their employability. It is linked to the owner and can’t be duplicated. 

Schulich ExecEd is now providing two types of digital credentials: Badges and Certificates. 

Badges are provided for the skills an earner acquires in a course. Most courses at Schulich ExecEd offer Badges and there are two types based on the level of skill they signify: Foundational and Advanced. A Foundational badge signifies that a learner has gained information and insights into new skills and how they relate to their work. An Advanced badge shows the learner has also been able to apply the knowledge at an organizational level through case studies and group projects. 

A Certificate is provided when the participant completes a longer course of sequential learning that may comprise several badges. In addition to Certificate programs, there is a series of more extensive courses that confer a Masters Certificate, which can include multiple individual certificates and badges.

Your credentials are stored in a blockchain-encrypted digital wallet, making them easily but securely shareable on your online profiles. Employers can use digital credentials to verify your qualifications and professional development.