People Leadership

Executive Education Programs at SEEC

When you ask a leader about his or her job, they usually say they are leading a department, business unit or enterprise. Whatever the function, title or business, leadership is fundamentally the task of leading people. SEEC’s leadership courses and training portfolio – what are often called ‘soft skills’ – covers the range skills and behaviours needed to be a great leader.

Business leaders have long recognized that upgrading their employees’ skills – giving them the tools they need to excel – helps achieve their organization’s business goals. By cultivating capable employees, an organization helps guarantee its own success. Our people leadership training programs help develop all of the essential competencies required to function as a capable leader.

Choose from the programs below to improve your skills as an adult trainer or an effective manager-supervisor and learn how to take advantage of the latest developments in the psychology of leadership and using facilitative, team-building and strategic thinking. Our newest course in this collection is specifically designed for women looking for ways to develop an action plan for personal and organizational development that builds on their unique strengths and opportunities as leaders

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