Centre of Excellence in Adult Training and Development

Executive Education Programs at Schulich ExecEd

Effective adult training programs in the workplace don’t happen automatically: Implementation requires a balance of theory and practice.

Business leaders have long recognized that upgrading their employees’ skills – giving them the tools they need to excel – helps achieve their organization’s business goals. By cultivating capable employees, an organization helps guarantee its own success. While new employees and those in evolving business roles need training the most, today’s fast-changing competitive business environment means that all employees must keep abreast of the latest developments if they are to remain responsive to clients’ needs. When each employee is a developing employee – supported to be the best they can be – they feel valued and motivated to do their job well.

The Centre of Excellence in Adult Training and Development brings together experts in modern training facilitation and offers programs to improve facilitators’ ability to develop your organization’s most valuable resource: your people.

There are currently no programs available in this Centre of Excellence.

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