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Every organization in every industry is susceptible to disruption. Some choose to transform their business, many are forced to transform, and others cease to operate or are bought by competitors.
The Schulich ExecEd’s Centre of Excellence in Disruption and Transformation will explore both the underlying causes of disruption as well as the business models and technologies that allow organizations to transform, and how this affects businesses, markets and society. Research from the Centre of Excellence guides our executive education programs and allows others to understand and explain the rapidly changing market. The Centre will examine firms’ organizational structure and ability to adapt to change to cope with new skill requirements and employment arrangements for a global digital workforce. The focus of the Centre will be to understand how organizations can prepare strategically for the inevitable transformation.
Disruption is inevitable. Organizations that choose to embrace and plan for transformation are far more likely to be successful. The Schulich ExecEd Centre of Excellence in Disruption and Transformation will empower those organizations.

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