Diversity & Inclusion at Your Organization

Building a culture is not only a role for leaders and human resources. It’s the responsibility of every employee. Be the culture you want.

Schulich Executive Education Centre has been helping organizations like yours become more inclusive, diverse and collaborative. Our approach reaches every level of the organization and every department.

If your organization is looking to address:

  • Emerging challenges in diversity and inclusion
  • Systemic issues such as unconscious bias among employees and leaders
  • Tackling anti-black racism in the workplace
  • Inequality in hiring and developing practices
  • Matters beyond self-awareness and how to drive to action

Our Diversity and Inclusion courses include:

  • Inclusive Leadership Program (2 days)
  • Unconscious Bias (1 day)
  • Anti Black Racism (.5 day)
  • 360 Assessment: Talent and Inclusion Champions

Learn more today. Request a meeting for a diversity and inclusion course assessment so we can help design the right courses for your organization.

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