Bindi Doshi

  • Biography

    Bindi has spent the past 15 years working for the Government of Canada in Learning and Development in the areas of facilitation, instructional design and management. Her award-winning work in business development and service management reflects her ability to expertly facilitate both small-teams and large groups.
    With more than 10 years’ experience facilitating, and training facilitators to deliver, in a wide array of contexts such as HR, finance, service delivery, management and interpersonal relations, Bindi is regularly sought out to support the learning of a variety of professionals from front-line service providers to departmental leadership. She has led professional learning on a broad range of diverse topics including, but not limited to, Communication, Service Excellence, Effective Feedback, Working with Virtual Teams, Conflict Management, Mental Health and Resiliency.
    Bindi is committed to a client-centred and collaborative approach that focuses on developing programs that meet the unique needs of each group.
    A graduate of the MCATD program, a designated Certified Training and Development Professional and an accredited Insights Discovery practitioner, Bindi deeply believes that highly interactive and engaging sessions, where adult learners feel respected and valued, help them build upon their current understandings and continually evolve their practice.

  • Areas of Interest