Brian Harrison Smith

  • Biography

    For more than two decades, Brian Harrison Smith has been a business educator. As an educator for the Schulich School of Business at York University, Brian has applied his wealth of knowledge to occupying the minds of Schulich ExecEd participants who have been fortunate enough to enrol in his areas of expertise such as supply chain and logistics management, key account management and client development, as well as sales skills for managers and sales professionals to name a few.

    Prior to joining the business education world, Brian was primarily involved with business renewal and new business development. Having always believed in a no-nonsense, results oriented approach to business, Brian enjoyed success at General Electric, Exide Electronics, as well as Maple Leaf Foods. Interestingly enough, it was time spent at General Electric that allowed Brian to enter into education. Participants of Schulich ExecEd will be quick to recognize that much of GE philosophy has stayed with and been introduced through Brian’s presentations and lectures.

  • Areas of Interest