Gaye Rawding

  • Biography

    Rawding is an independent consultant specializing in educational leadership and professional learning. She operates at the national and international levels with government officers, business partners and school districts. Prior to starting her independent consulting career, Rawding worked for the Faculty of Education, York University, where she was responsible for domestic and international professional development programs and managed the Ontario Principal’s Qualification Program.

    A native of Nova Scotia, Rawding has 30 years’ experience in the public school system. She maintains exceptionally high standards for school performance and fully ascribes to the practice of quality assurance. In her last position in Nova Scotia, she was the director, international programs/regional education officer for the department of education and early childhood development. She was business developer and inspection manager for the offshore school programs in the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and China. Rawding is also an experienced public school supervisor, principal, consultant, and teacher having previously worked in a school district (Kindergarten to 12).

    Rawding received her university degrees and certifications in Canada. Her studies have focused on special education and educational leadership. She has also completed international studies in the United States (University of Minnesota) and France. Her particular area of academic interest is instructional design, methodology and leadership.

  • Areas of Interest