Glennie Mercer

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    Having worked in leadership positions for many years in the health-care field, Glennie established her own organization development consulting firm in 1996. Glennie brings more than 30 years’ experience to her work and is known as a perceptive and inspiring communicator, facilitator and coach. Through her practice, Glennie engages leaders and teams by creating positive energy, facilitating inclusive and powerful dialogues and enabling insight for action. She is committed to creating safe, open and inclusive space where meaningful dialogue occurs in an open, honest and courageous way. Facilitating teams through difficult conversations is a key strength. Glennie ensures information is gathered and shared; expertise is recognized and included, learning is supported, and planning and action occur. Glennie brings humour to her work and believes that building strong relationships develops strong individuals, teams and organizations. Glennie has worked with a wide range of ministries of the provincial government; large and medium sized health-care institutions, not-for-profit service agencies; universities and colleges and private-sector (health and financial) institutions.


    Glennie is also a Practicum Advisor for the Masters Certificate Programs in Organization Development course at Schulich ExecEd.


    Masters Certificate in Organization Development and Change
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