Keri Ewart

  • Biography

    Keri Ewart is a faculty adviser and professor at Brock University and teaches at both the Hamilton and St. Catharines campuses. She works with teacher candidates on policy, pedagogy, practice and practical application for professional certification. She also teaches courses in language and literacy, 21st Century mathematics, and science and technology.

    In addition to teaching, Keri chairs and leads many departmental committees and faculty divisions pertaining to strategic planning, academic development, curricular planning, and co-created the new lesson and unit-plan template used by all teacher candidates at Brock to meet the demands of current classrooms and societal shifts.

    Prior to working at Brock, Keri worked for the Peel District School Board for 15 years teaching Kindergarten to Grade 12. She has held a variety of positions including classroom teacher, curricular head, divisional head; science and technologies resource teacher, ELL and special education resource teacher and Board consultant for integrated technology into current curriculum.

    Keri is currently working towards her PhD at York University. Her research and publications include integrated technologies into classrooms to promote literacy, numeracy and critical thinking skills, curriculum development for application-oriented education, and supporting all learners in elementary, high school and continuing education through STEAM pedagogy in order to succeed in 21st century society.

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