Mark Anglin

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    With more than 20 years of technology and global business experience, Mark is a seasoned Project Manager in the two key technology areas of application development and IP networks.

    Highlighted by Cisco Systems as a technology project leader, Mark has become a North American leader in project management best practices in complex technology environments he learned from leading consulting companies such as Accenture and Oracle Corporation. He draws from his experience in various roles in corporations which have included New Product Introduction Manager, Director European projects, Team Lead, Business Systems Analyst, Sales Engineer and Programmer.

    Mark has brought two software products to market, opened and directed a company in Europe, assisted in raising capital from leading firms such as Morgan Stanley in New York, a well as Cisco Systems and Kleiner Perkins Caufield Beyers in San Francisco.
    Mark has completed his Certificate in Adult Education to complement his corporate experience. Combining this with his global project experience, Marks’ training approach is a focus on discussion and application of real life examples, which makes the material directly relevant to the learner.


    Masters Certificate in Project Management
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