Oliver Martin

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    Oliver Martin is director of training for the Stitt Feld Handy Group, a division of ADR Chambers, and is also a facilitator, mediator, workplace consultant and coach. He provides conflict resolution, negotiation, mediation and difficult conversation training to organizations and the general public throughout Canada, the Caribbean and the United States. He also works with organizations to provide workplace restorations and with leaders to address challenges within their workplace.

    Oliver is a past director at the ADR Institute of Ontario. He received Alternative Dispute Resolution training from the University of Windsor Law School and York University. He also has a Master of Arts in Leadership from Royal Roads University. He began practising mediation in 2003.

    Oliver has worked with diverse groups and a wide range of clients across many industries and sectors. He combines his experiences dealing with conflict in communities and corporations to train and coach others on managing conflict, resolving disputes, and communicating more effectively to achieve their goals.


    Masters Certificate in Healthcare Management
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