Richard Kercz

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    Richard Kercz is an applied psychology consultant, adviser, writer and personal development coach. He advises businesses, individuals, teams and executives on how to use psychology to succeed more consistently at work and life. He maintains both an in-person and email coaching service providing clients with unlimited email access to him, on demand when they need it most. He works closely with public and private organizations to assess, select, develop, promote and engage high-performing talent. Richard advises leading organizations in developing and executing evidence-based development activities to fully leverage and utilize the potential of every employee in the organization. His interactive workshops help organizations, teams and leaders understand the “psychology” of their workplaces and the impact that can have on their people and clients or the public. He uses validated and standardized psychometrics and psychophysiological profiling protocols to objectively identify hidden and untapped, strengths and abilities, unconscious derailers, personality traits, motivations, habits and conscious and unconscious processes that underlie who they are and how they work best as individuals and as teams. He works with leaders to understand how to engage employees more effectively and actualize more of their potential.


    Masters Certificate in Municipal Leadership
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