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Receive a Certificate of Professional Excellence (CPE) in your area of interest – completely customizable to you!

steps to enrol graphicTransform into your higher self – Choose from 6 Specializations

With more than 100,000 leaders trained, an Executive Education is designed to bridge the knowledge gaps required to grow professionally. Our Certificate in Professional Excellence was created to take you one step further. Specialize in an area of your choice and advance in your career by mastering the skill sets you need to achieve personal growth.

By selecting one of six pre-packaged or personalized learning paths, you are able to set your own learning goals and attain professional excellence in just three years or less. Follow the steps to customize a learning path program that is completely tailored to your career development goals.

Choose from 6 Certificates of Professional Excellence (CPE) learning paths that you customize for yourself – simply complete four courses at your own pace within a three-year period.

Learning Path Participants Receive Exclusive Course Tuition Savings

After your initial program is completed, you will receive a

  • 10% savings on your second course
  • 10% savings on your third course, and
  • 25% savings on your final course*

(*This discount applies to 2-3 day programs only but speak to an adviser to find out how you can maximize your savings on other combinations.)

What are The Course Requirements/Completion Time?

To receive your Certificate of Professional Excellence you must first complete one five-day Foundation program, followed by three elective courses (2, 3 or five-day programs of your choice) within a three-year time period. Attend your elective programs in any sequence. You must complete at least one core elective program that is deemed within your field of study.

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Ready to Get Started?

Register as a Learning Path candidate. This starts with a one-to-one discussion with an adviser to identify your career goals and topic interest areas. Click below to contact an adviser who will provide you with learning path course recommendations. This is a complimentary service to help you evaluate and choose the best course choices for your career.

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