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Management 1:

The New Managers Course

You were a great team player, and now you’re ready to be a team leader. New managers often struggle with the fact that they will be judged by what their team can accomplish. Although a rewarding position, becoming a business leader takes time and experience.


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Here are some of the key details of the course

Length: 5 days
Next Sprint: March 7 to March 11, 2022


Diverse &
Experienced Faculty

360º Leadership Assessment

Limited Class Sizes


Diverse &
Experienced Faculty

360º Leadership Assessment

Limited Class Sizes

Schulich ExecEd's Cross-Functional View of Management

Develop a comprehensive management skill set that you’ll leverage throughout your career.  Master the 5 key skills every manager must know. Our seasoned instructors deliver time-tested leadership insights and cutting-edge management concepts.


Apply By

Feb 24, 2022

Start Date

March 7, 2022

End Date

March 11, 2022


$4,750 + HST

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Class Format


Length of Course

5 Days

Management 1:
The New Managers Course

Beginner Friendly

Designed for those new to management, and those moving into new areas of business

Earn CE Credits

+35 PDU - PMI Leadership

+35 HRPA - CPD Hours

Leadership Sprint

Accelerate your skills & knowledge to build your management career in just 5 days

Taught by the best

Seasoned, dynamic instructors deliver refreshing perspectives

What Our Graduates Are Saying

After Completion, You’ll Know How to…

Apply the latest techniques for performance evaluation

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Wield the marketing management process, from segmentation to positioning to new product development

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Leverage cost control and budgeting techniques for your department

marketing with social media

Practise new product development skills with a hands-on simulation workshop

Five Days, Five Fundamental Areas of Business Management

From Monday to Friday, go in-depth with one key area of management skills. Some of the classes you’ll take include:

Day 1
Leadership and Interpersonal Dynamics

  • Leadership in a Changing Environment
  • Leader Styles & Competencies
  • Motivation & Recognition to Improve Workplace Performance

Day 2
The Marketing Management Process

  • Why Marketing is Important for All Managers
  • Marketing Strategy and Targeting
  • Marketing Plan Development

Day 3
Strategic and Business Planning

  • The Facts Required for Strategy Planning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Planning as a Manager

Day 4
The Financial Management Process

  • Key Financial Statements that Managers Must Know
  • Financial Statement Analysis: How to Do It Fast and Efficiently
  • Budgeting Procedures for Management Success

Day 5
Performance Management – Staff and Self Management Techniques

  • The Context of Performance Management
  • Performance Management Measurement
  • The Performance Improvement Process

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