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Masters Certificate

Project Management

Designed from the ground up, the Masters Certificate in Project Management course has been structured to ensure skilful, strategic leaders are given the tools required to take big projects from the planning stage through to their successful execution. 

Take your Project Management skills to the next level, increase ROI and enhance the effectiveness of your team with Schulich ExecEd’s Master Certificate in Project Management. Sign up now and transform your career with the #1 program for those beginning their journey into Project Management. 

Here are some of the key details of the course

Length: 18 days
Next Sprint: January 20, 2022 to May 28, 2022

Learn to implement Agile frameworks to your Project Management

Course led by Project Management Experts

PMP Exam Preparation Modules

Hands-on practise project to accelerate learning

Learn to implement Agile frameworks to your Project Management

Course led by Project Management Experts

PMP Exam Preparation Modules

Hands-on practice project to accelerate learning

Schulich ExecEd’s Next Level Project Management

Develop a comprehensive project management skill set that you’ll leverage throughout your career. This course is designed specifically for those looking to push into senior-level Project Management positions.


Apply By

January 13, 2022

Start Date

January 20, 2022

End Date

May 28, 2022


$9,450 + HST

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Masters Certificate
Project Management

Beginner Friendly

Designed for those looking to move into senior-level Project Management positions

PMP Exam Prep

Get prepared to write the PMP designation exam

Online Mastery

Virtual classrooms, and breakout rooms to network with your peers

Starts January 20, 2022

Apply by January 13, 2022 to ensure your seat

After Completion, You’ll Know How to…

Apply the latest techniques for effective Project Management

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Handle stakeholder interests while moving the project towards success

graph icon with magnifying glass

Develop a full Project Plan, from strategy to execution

marketing with social media

Build an effective team with balanced budgets and goals for the project

18 Days, 8 Fundamental Areas of Project Management

Over five months you’ll learn how to take your projects from an intangible idea to a fully executed reality. 

Module 1
Project Planning and Control

Module 2
The Project Quality Management

Module 3
Assessing and Managing Project Risk

Module 4
Effective Project Cost Management

Module 5
Leadership, Communication and Stakeholder Management

Module 6
Contracting, Procurement and Negotiation Skills

Module 7
Introduction to Agile and Scrum

Module 8
Project Integration & Simulation

Ready to Take the Next Step with Schulich ExecEd?

Our unique approach to the practical application of the concepts and theories of Project Management will ensure that you are prepared to take on any project management role with confidence. 




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