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Masters Certificate in

Innovation Leadership

Excelling in a position of leadership during times of uncertainty requires a number of creative and problem-solving skills. Guided by the latest best practices from experts from a wide variety of industries, our Masters Certificate in Innovation Leadership helps you hone your skills in strategic problem solving and tactical innovation.


Diverse &
Experienced Faculty

HRPA Pre-Approved


Diverse & Experienced Faculty

HRPA Pre-Approved

Thinking On Your Feet Has Never Been Easier

Great ideas are like lightning and in this course, you’ll learn how to capture and cultivate those bright ideas to harness their full potential. By applying relevant tools and techniques, you’ll be able to generate innovation that will allow your organization to reach its goals.


Start Date

March 28, 2022

End Date

September 23, 2022

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$9,450.00 + HST

Masters Certificate in Innovation Leadership

Led by Real World Professionals

Learn from Canada’s leading experts in innovation and leadership. Our faculty are praised for their engaging classes and their outstanding credentials.

Flexible Curriculum

You can learn your own way, with our pay-as-you-go pricing model. This will allow you to complete all three certificates in any order you wish during a three-year period.

Class Discussions

Enjoy freeform discussions with your fellow participants. This can serve as both a networking opportunity and a way to share and generate ideas.

Starts March 28, 2022

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Earn Schulich ExecEd Certificates at Your Own Pace

While you will need all three certificates to earn a Masters Certificate, enjoy the flexibility of paying for each certificate one at a time. You may also earn your certificates in any order you wish during a three-year period. 

Certificate in Strategic Leadership and Innovation

Certificate in Design Thinking 2.0: Tools and Techniques with a User-Centred Approach

Certificate in Leading a Culture that Innovates and Executes

What Our Graduates Are Saying

Once You’re Finished, You’ll Know How To…

Identify areas within your organization where potential innovation would be beneficial

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Lead successful innovation initiatives that will bring new life and bright ideas to your organization

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Foster a creative environment within your team to encourage innovation

marketing with social media

Practise design thinking throughout your workday, in order to transform your creative ideas into tangible results

Course Modules Designed to Turn You Into a Better Leader

Unlock your potential and explore your creative side. In such an uncertain time as the present, it is important that individuals and organizations alike are able to innovate, think on their feet, and adapt to anything life can throw at them. After completing our course, you will be able to:

Lay the Groundwork

From Ideas to Actions

Leading a Creative and Innovative Team

Ready to Soar to

New Heights with Schulich ExecEd?

Become a leader of discovery and innovation to take your organization into tomorrow. In a world where anything can happen, you’ll be ready for anything! Enrol now to ensure your spot.