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Masters Certificate in


In under 6 weeks, you can earn a Masters Certificate from the #1 business school in Canada. Develop your expertise as a leader in this 8-day online course. Concentrated, accelerated, and designed for business executives.


Diverse &
Experienced Faculty

Mastery in 8 days

Certification Plaque Upon Successful Completion


Diverse & Experienced Faculty

Mastery in 8 days

Certification Plaque Upon Successful Completion

Redefine What It Means to Lead

The Masters Certificate in Leadership is a career-transforming program founded on years of career training excellence. Learn critical leadership and business skills distilled from Schulich ExecEd’s top faculty.


Start Date

Nov ??, 2021

End Date

?? ??, 2021

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Nov 1, 2021


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What to Expect

Who Is This Program For?

Mid-level managers who want to supercharge their leadership skills and leaders who want to take on a new challenge

Pre-Course LeaderGene Assessment

Find out what comes naturally to you as a people leader. Learn your strengths, your areas of opportunities and predict your ability to lead.

Private Debrief

Informative 1-on-1 debrief session provides you with insights into your own results and prepares you for the remainder of the program.

Starts Nov ??, 2021

8 days Virtual Classroom experience. Small group breakout-room exercises

Message from the Instructor

After Completion, You’ll Know How to…

Frame and reframe your mind to tackle challenges that are inside and outside your control

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Lead real-world innovation on a team and within your organization

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Ask the bigger questions and bring the organization value where value isn’t so obvious

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Go beyond coaching and learn how to acquire the best talent on your team

Masters Certificate in Leadership

Explore the nature of leadership and how to master the skills needed to get results from your people over 8 career-transforming modules.

WIN Thinking

The Culture Building Leader

The Mindset Leader

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