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Masters Certificate

in Leadership

Be prepared for the rapidly changing leadership environments of today with Schulich ExecEd’s Masters Certificate in Leadership. Taught by world-class instructors, this seven day course is designed to give you the tools you need to become a masterful team leader. 

Get a full overview of your current leadership strengths and weaknesses with the Leadership Gene Assessment with a full one-on-one debrief, so you know exactly where your leadership style needs attention, and where you already excel. 

Here are some of the key details of the course

Length: 7 Days
Next Sprint: October 31, 2022 – February 6, 2023

Develop a Personal Development Action Plan

Create a Leadership Blueprint

Learn the neuroscience of leadership

Explore the dimensions of a leader

Develop a Personal Development Action Plan

Create a Leadership Blueprint

Learn the neuroscience of leadership

Explore the dimensions of a leader

Schulich ExecEd’s Next Level Leadership Program

Develop a comprehensive leadership blueprint designed to build the team of your dreams and guide them to success.


Apply By

October 17, 2022

Start Date

October 31, 2022

End Date

February 6, 2023


$8,950 + HST

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Course Length

7 days

Masters Certificate
in Leadership

Designed for Managers

Managers who are looking to create more value from their teams will love this course

Set Your Leadership Skills Apart

Modern management techniques based on the science of leadership

One-on-One Coaching

Have an opportunity to unpack your LeaderGeneTM results in a private one-on-one session

Develop an Action Plan

Develop a Personal Development Action Plan (PDAP) to take forward throughout the program

After Completion, You’ll Know How to…

Apply the latest techniques for effective leadership

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Learn to spot and attract the talent your team needs

graph icon with magnifying glass

Expand and create new value from your team

marketing with social media

Create a winning mindset for your team and organization

7 Days, 7 Fundamental Areas of Leadership

Push your leadership style to its absolute best through the seven modules of this course. Here are some highlights of the fantastic content our instructors have put together to grow your leadership abilities.

Module 1
WIN Thinking

  • The Leadership Summit
  • Race Rules and Why Win

Module 2
The Culture Building Leader

  • Leading a Culture Starts with Leaders
  • A Model to Take With You
  • Play to Win

Module 3
The Mindset Leader

  • Understand Yourself as a Leader
  • Learn How Cognition Impacts Your Leadership
  • Be Seen as a Leader

Module 4
The Transformational Leader

  • Underpinnings of a New Model
  • Transformative Approaches
  • Transformational Tenets

Module 5
The Innovative Leader

  • Analyze Innovation
  • Champion Innovation as a Process
  • Turn Innovation into Action

Module 6
The Future Thinking Leader

  • Looking Back to Understand the Future
  • Strategy & Backcasting (from Foresight Plans)
  • Developing Organizational Capabilities

Module 7
The Talent Champion

  • New Era, New Talent
  • Real-world Cases
  • The Talent Champion Toolkit

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Our unique approach to the practical application of the concepts in the Masters Certificate in Leadership will ensure that you are prepared to take on any leadership role with confidence.

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