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Break free from the common barriers of your industry.
At Schulich ExecEd, you get full-spectrum skill development for your front-line management and senior mining leadership that they can leverage today.

Shaping the Next Generation of Global Mining Operations

Is your mining operation ready for what’s around the corner? Increase production and develop future-forward business practices. Our courses offer industry-leading benefits.

Flexible Scheduling

Programs run where and when you want them to, from two-day scrums to five-day online intensives. We work with your company to prep, plan and execute.

Experienced Faculty

Our facilitators understand the complexities of your industry and have vital learnings from critical sectors of the mining business.

Designed for Maximum Impact

Breakout sessions, exclusive course material, and live lectures instill the tools your employees need to make better decisions.

Custom Services

We can tailor any program to match the needs of your organization, or we can design a custom program just for you, from the ground up.

Multilingual Applications

All programs can be delivered in an extensive range of languages including English, French and Spanish.

Customized Programs for the Mining Industry

The best companies in the industry trust us to fast-track their business performance. See the examples below, and contact us to learn more about the process.

Equip Your Team with the Means to Boost Production and Solve Challenges

Move forward, faster than ever. No matter what program you choose, our instructors provide key skills your team needs in a highly accelerated timeline. Our programs focus on three critical areas, which are:


Better understand how to run mining projects and what it takes to finish them with the right framework.


Know what it takes to be agile, resilient, and affect qualified change in your corporation and beyond.


Adapt to the shifting complexities of today’s mining industry with courses in project management and supply chain uncertainty.

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