A Positive Customer Experience Depends on Supply Chain Strategy and Logistics Expertise

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A business needs satisfied customers. Customers who get what they want, when they want it — with polite and friendly service — are returning customers.

Profitable businesses are aware that even the best customer-facing staff is wasted if there is no functioning supply chain strategy in place. Every step in this process needs focused and motivated teams to make the desired outcome happen.

The customer doesn’t know that their satisfaction is the result of good supply chain and logistics management. They don’t know the cycles of planning, delivery, and selling that goes into their positive experience. But they know (and appreciate) when it all comes together.

In any retail organization, supply chain and logistics strategists are crucial to providing and maintaing excellent customer service, thereby preserving the reputation and financial profits of the company. Click to download the pdf below which describes the five dimensions of service quality businesses should be focused on.


This material has been drawn from Schulich ExecEd’s upcoming program Masters Certificate in Supply Chain and Logistics Management (starting Feb. 8, 2019). The program is designed for supply chain professionals who are looking to maximize their service advantage.