Bank of Canada CRO says Pandemic has Accelerated the Pace of Change

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You might think it’s a bit late to consider the pandemic a future risk factor but for Carol Ann Northcott, Chief Risk Officer at the Bank of Canada, it’s all about the recovery now.

In a wide-ranging interview with Carmen Rossiter, program director for Schulich ExecEd’s Centre of Excellence in Governance, Risk Management and Control, Northcott shared her thoughts on how Covid-19 has not only changed the environment for employers and companies but also accelerated the pace of technological change already underway.

In this excerpt from the webinar held on June 21, Northcott breaks down three risk “buckets” she regards as essential for organizations to consider as we emerge from lockdowns and enter the recovery economy: strategy, culture and operations, all of which have significant factors to consider as we navigate the new normal.

To view the full webinar, visit our YouTube channel.


Carmen Rossiter is program co-director for Schulich ExecEd’s Masters Certificate in Risk Management and Business Performance Leadership, starting Oct. 5, 2021. Carol Ann Northcott is also a graduate of the program (2015). For more information and to register, visit the program web page.

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