Bank of Canada CRO to speak on Risk Management in a Changing Environment

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As organizations everywhere make plans for the post-Covid recovery, risk management professionals are looking at a changed landscape of risk factors, many of which were revealed by the effects of the pandemic, including the possibility of future pandemics. The world is also changing rapidly as new concerns about trade and competition combine with recovery planning to further complicate good risk planning.

In this one-hour online session, Carol Ann Northcott, chief risk officer and managing director of the financial and enterprise risk department for the Bank of Canada, will share her views on what lies ahead and how risk managers should adjust their outlook in a post-pandemic world.

To register for this important session, which will be held on June 21 at 2pm, click here.

About the Speaker

Carol Ann NorthcottCarol Ann Northcott is the Bank of Canada’s chief risk officer (CRO) and managing director of the financial and enterprise risk (FER) department. As CRO, she reports to the Bank’s Board of Directors and works closely with management to identify and assess risks faced by the Bank. As the managing director of FER, she leads three teams that oversee enterprise, financial and credit risks.

Northcott was appointed chief risk officer in 2017 and as managing director of the newly created FER department in January 2019. She first joined the Bank in 1999, and in 2005 became an assistant chief in the financial stability department. She was a director in that department from 2009 to 2013 and represented the Bank on international working groups responsible for developing risk standards for banks and financial market infrastructures. Along with her deep understanding of enterprise risk management, she brings expertise in the Bank’s financial stability and oversight responsibilities.

Northcott served for three years as vice-president and chief risk officer of Payments Canada, during which time she was responsible for the organization’s enterprise risk management program, security and business continuity planning and research.

She holds a master’s degree in financial economics from the University of Toronto.

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