How to Tackle Difficult Business Decisions Head-on

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It is appropriate that the word “decide” comes from the Latin word decidere, which means to “cut off”. Electing for one course of action over others is indeed a “cutting off” of alternatives. Decision making means bringing finality to what was once an open question.

No matter what your level of responsibility is, making decisions can be stressful. While it is a good idea not to rush the process, that doesn’t mean it can be postponed indefinitely. Yet it is human nature to resist closure – we want to keep our options open, even when that is impossible! Choices have lasting consequences, but so does the failure to make responsible decisions in a timely fashion.

In the workplace, decisions are made to sustain organizational functioning, and cannot be avoided. Download the pdf below that outlines some preventive actions to overcome eight common barriers to decision making.

decision making


This material has been drawn in part from SEEC’s upcoming program Certificate in Strategic Agility (starting Dec. 10, 2018). The program is designed for team leaders to conceive and enable innovative strategies, rethink organizational structure and build commitment from team members.

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