Increase Efficiency by Implementing the Lean Six Sigma DMAIC Methodology

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Lean Six Sigma “DMAIC” is a methodology designed to fix problems in order to improve customer and client satisfaction.

Organizations that have implemented DMAIC have seen improvements in production and efficiency. The method consists of five Phases: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control.

Following the DMAIC method means teams will not waste time and effort engaging in band-aid solutions or ineffective countermeasures to deal with workplace issues. It requires objective assessments of problems and methodical analysis for the solution.

Each DMAIC Phase is outlined in this PDF chart — click on the image below to download it.

lean six sigma


The topic of this article is from the curriculum for the Schulich ExecEd program Masters Certificate in Lean Six Sigma – Black Belt (starting Nov. 1, 2019). Master the skills to achieve higher quality products and services, reduce process variation and waste, and eliminate defects and non-value-added steps.

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