Innovations Under Crises: A Strategic Decision

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As many people already know, the COVID-19 crisis of 2020 has made dramatic changes to our way of life. The reactions vary from despair to determination but for organizations the way forward must be charted, and planning must begin for what some are calling the “new normal”.

In response, the Schulich Executive Education Centre will present a free online Virtual Classroom session, delivered by Schulich ExecEd facilitator Wissam Al-Hussaini, a specialist in strategic leadership, titled “Innovations Under Crises: A Strategic Decision”. This half-hour program will allow participants to experience Schulich ExecEd executive learning in our Virtual Classroom setting.

The session will be held on May 21 at 1pm and is limited to 25 participants due to the interaction involved. To register, contact

The Session

One of the most pronounced effects of crises is withdrawal. Many people find themselves locked in a status-quo cycle where high levels of uncertainty and ambiguity prevent them from making any meaningful strategic decisions.

This webinar provides an insight on how innovation in such times becomes a key success factor to: 1) exploit unprecedented opportunities and 2) break the status quo and move forward to the post-crisis era.

The webinar will focus on best practices and creative ideas to turn your “business-as-usual” before the crisis into “unusual business” afterwards.

The Instructor

Wissam AlHussaini holds a PhD in Strategic Management and is an award-winning instructor. Over the years, he has designed and delivered numerous training programs for major companies all over the world, including the United Nations, Koodo-Mastercom, Chevron-Philips and MasterCard, among others. He currently teaches leadership and strategy at the Schulich School of Business at York University in key graduate programs.

In 2016 he received the prestigious “Excellence in Teaching” award at the American University of Beirut for his impact and inspiration on the executive, graduate, and undergraduate students. Wissam is a founding member and vice-president of strategy for the Canadian Business Strategy Association (CSBA) which aims to provide a knowledge portal for Canadian business strategists.

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