Just been promoted to manager? Learn the skills you’ll need to succeed in your new role

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Being promoted to a manager’s position means you were good at what you do but the reward can be a mixed blessing – you will now be judged by what you can get others to accomplish. It’s a completely new, rewarding job with different skills that you need to succeed.

Management 1 is Schulich ExecEd’s most popular program for early-in-career leaders looking to make this important and challenging transition.

You will learn to develop a comprehensive management skill set that will propel your new career as a leader who can motivate others to be successful.

In this video, course facilitator Stephen Friedman reviews the five main pillars of the program.

This course will not only add to your leadership skills but give you insights into how your organization works in areas all managers should understand.

Important! The registration deadline is Sept. 10, 2021 so that all participants have time to complete the pre-course work, which consists of a 360-assessment exercise.


Stephen Friedman is an instructor in the Schulich School of Business and the Schulich ExecEd’s Management 1: The New Manager’s Course (starting Sept. 20,2021). For more information and to register, visit the program web page.

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